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Patmos Island: Gastronomy and Patmos Hotel

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Is Patmos included in your travel bucket list? If I were you, even if you don’t know much or you haven’t heard of the island yet, it would be good if you will add this up to your places to visit around the globe! Patmos is known as the ‘Jerusalem of the Aegean’, inviting thousands of pilgrims every year. But today, we will be focusing more on how Patmos recreates and present their very own lavish Greek cuisine in the island! When in the island of Patmos, you will love the healthy dishes cooked in a traditional way from tavernas. We don’t know where you headed yet, but we are telling you now that if you miss these traditional dishes to try in Patmos, you already miss the half of your life. No exaggeration at all.

We picked the best Greek meals to dig in when in Patmos Greece. From mouthwatering appetizers and desserts to the main course of a meal, Patmos serves you the delectable cuisines you’ve never tasted in your life before.

1. Patmiotiki
Patmos has their very own cheese pie. If you loved the apple pie you have back home, you’ll definitely enjoy munching on this cheese pie. Basically, they tossed together different kinds of local cheeses in the middle of a fluffy crust. And boom! We got Patmiotiki uniquely from Patmos, Greece.


Patmiotiki is the unique cheese pie from Patmos Island in Greece.

2. Pouggia
A favorite Patmos dessert is called “pouggia”. This ‘all-natural’ sweet dessert is made of unleavened dough filled with walnuts and almonds inside. The sweetness overload doesn’t stop there, local bakers also sprinkle sugar on top of the pastry to serve as the ‘cherry on top’.


Grab a quick “Pouggia” snack in the old town’s bakeries!

3. Kalamária
Who wants a humongous platter of deliciously stuffed squid? There’re a lot of ways to cook a squid in Greece. Some prefer having it deep fried while others want it grilled. Seafood lovers will surely rate this meal 5/5! The fillings inside of the squid varies, you may see one with breading/bread crumbs stuffed inside, others would have parsley or other leafy veggies inside. One thing is for sure, this giant squid will not be set to the grill unless it has been bathed with a lux amount of local olive oil! Yum!


Grilled Feta Stuffed Squid.

You can also taste a variety of unique wine flavors when in Patmos. Haven’t we mentioned that Patmos Island is a go-to site for wine enthusiasts? If you’re one of them, you should set foot on the island then you’ll know what we are talking about!

If you will be asking us where you can enjoy the best meals in Patmos, here are some of the restaurants and taverns in the island!

  • Ginger (Skala)
  • Tsivaeri
  • Vaghia Cafe (Vaghia)
  • Ktima Petra (Grikos)
  • Trehantiri Taverna (Skala)

Where else can I enjoy a delightful meal when in Patmos?


If you want to make the most of your gastronomy experience in Patmos, dine in at the Chris Hotel!

If you have tried a lot of taverna selections and ouzo bars already, you can simply dine in any deluxe Patmos hotel in the island. Chris Hotel in Patmos offers you a gratifying set of Greek cuisine! The Chris Hotel is located in front of the breathtaking view of the Skala bay where you can enjoy a warm breakfast served by the hotel. In case you want to prepare your own food, there’s a kitchen you can work at in your own hotel room! See, you can make your own Greek salad without needing to pay a touristy price. Christ Hotel is like no other Patmos accommodation in the island!


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