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Where to Eat in Patmos, Greece

No matter where you travel, one of the first things on everybody’s list is to sample the food. Food tells you most of what you need to know about a culture in the first few bites. What food do they consider delicious and why? How do the people make and eat their food? Plus, who doesn’t love to stuff their face in a new country. We’ve already talked about some of the most popular, tasty foods in Patmos, Greece. Now let’s talk about some of the best places to sample the food of Patmos.


Pantheon is one of the most popular choices in Patmos. This may be because it’s located so close to the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, in the capital city of Chora. It may also be because of its reputation as “the octopus place.” And yes, octopus is on the menu, particularly the yummy appetizer of Marinated Octopus Salad. Pantheon takes full advantage of its closeness to the Aegean Sea, both with its aesthetic (whitewashed walls and sea blue chairs) and its variety of seafood. The sign outside reads “Seafood is our specialty.” Shrimp and scallops are popular keynotes of the entrees, and they offer a Taramosalata dip (caviar and olive oil), as well as traditional Greek cuisine, like Lamb Souvlaki.

Chris Cafe at Chris Hotel in Skala 

Art Cafe

Art Cafe is a cafe and bar in Skala that celebrates both the food and drink of Patmos, but also the artwork. The walls inside are covered with art, and the table decorations and chairs are all beautifully crafted and artsy themselves. The owner of Art Cafe is actually German, and the cuisine is more international than strictly Grecian, but it’s known as a terrific place all over the island to relax and have a cocktail at the end of the day. It’s open late, and it includes rooftop garden seating that can’t be found anywhere else in Skala. It has a stunning view, overlooking the city and the Aegean Sea itself.

One of the rooms available at Chris hotel

Your Own Hotel

As a popular tourist destination, there are a number of hotels in Patmos, Greece that are near places to eat or have some food accomodation within their facility. Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece has its own cafe and bar with a beautiful waterfront view of the main port of Patmos in Skala. The cafe is open all day, and serves coffee, fresh juices, and even ice cream. It has a tranquil, relaxing ambience assisted by canopies and candles, open views of the waterfront, and padded seating all along the edge of the room. Chris Hotel’s cafe and bar is a perfect start and end to your full day of culinary exploration in Patmos.

When it comes to finding accommodation for your visit to Patmos, you’ll find the quality of service and convenience of Chris Hotel difficult to beat. It’s located in Skala, conveniently located near the best shops and grocery stores and close to the bus station. It offers rooms with views overlooking the water, the mountains, or their own beautiful garden. Book your stay today. The friendly, helpful staff at Chris Hotel can’t wait to see you.


Museums in Patmos, Greece

With an island as rich in history as Patmos, Greece, it’s no surprise that there are a number of wonderful museums to be found there. Patmos is proud of its history and culture and it shows in its museums. Whether you come to Patmos on a religious pilgrimage to see the Cave of the Apocalypse (or even to see the island that Zeus gifted to Artemis) or you come for the sake of tasting its culture and folklore, there’s a museum you have to see in Patmos, Greece.

The entrance to the Cave of the Apocalypse

The Cave of the Apocalypse

Because of its religious significance, the Cave of the Apocalypse has been preserved as carefully as possible. When you visit the cave, you can still see the rock that St. John used as a pillow, and the irregular crack in the wall, through which many believe he received his Revelation from God. The cave is also full of mosaic depictions of his visions and alters for prayer and reflection. It’s no wonder this cave was made an UNSECO World Heritage site.

When you visit the cave, you’ll notice a “no fotos” sign. They’re very serious about that. This is something you’ll just have to experience for yourself rather than sharing with your friends back home on social media. It can be crowded at times, but there are also quiet moments when you can simply reflect on the significance of the place.

The Ecclesiastical Museum

If you visit the Monastery of St. John, you’ll find a museum inside near the bakery–small but significant, like the island of Patmos itself. In fact, it’s regarded to house some of the best collections of art and vestments in the world. It has two exhibition halls and showcases excellent Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons. Some of the most famous icons to be found in this museum are: an 11th century mosaic of St. Nicholas and a 17th century depiction of the burial of Hosios Christodoulos, the founder of the Monastery of St. John.

The Archives of Byzantine Documents is also an interesting portion of this museum. The most famous of the Byzantine archives held in this hall is the papers, marked with the golden bull seal of Emperor Alexios I of Komnenos, giving the island of Patmos to Christodoulos and founding the Monastery itself.

Folklore Museum

This small museum is in fact a mansion of the old Simantiri family, once great aristocrats in Chora in the 17th century. However, items in this museum date back to the 14th century, and the art has a touch of Russian as well as Greek. Despite the name, there’s not much of lore to do with this museum. Instead, it’s a still-life look into the daily life of the upper crust of Patmos in centuries past. Still, this is an interesting destination when it comes to seeing the history of Patmos. Unlike the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of St. John, the Folklore Museum does allow pictures.

When booking your stay in Patmos, consider Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece for your accommodation. Situated in the main port town of Skala, it’s close to shops, grocery stores, and a tourist’s best friend–the bus station. It is 2 kilometers away from the Cave of the Apocalypse, 4 kilometers away from the Monastery of St. John. There are many hotels in Patmos, Greece, but Chris Hotel promises convenience to any of the sights you’d like to see in Patmos, and has some terrific views of its own, right from your own room.

Visiting the Monastery of St. John the Theologian

The Monastery of St. John is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Patmos, second only, perhaps, to the related Cave of the Apocalypse. It draws crowds from all over the world and is a common Christian pilgrimage because of its ties to John the Apostle and the last book in the Christian Bible, Revelation. Like the rest of Patmos, the Monastery of St. John has a richly preserved history, and it should be one of the first things on your list when you reach Patmos.

The interior of the Cave of the Apocalypse

The History

Sometime during the reign of Nero, John the Apostle was exiled to the isle of Patmos, where he spent his days in a cave. One day, he was given a vision from God–a vision of the end times. His student, Prohoros, recorded everything John saw in his vision in the Book of Revelation. As Christianity spread, Patmos became known as the temporary home of John, and the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. John was built in his honor.

The Monastery was built on a hilltop in the center of Chora, surrounded by a sturdy fortress, to protect it from pirates, Turks, and anyone else who might wish to invade. Some followers of Artemis also claimed that Christians tore down a temple to Artemis and erected the Monastery of St. John on top of it.

The Monastery of St. John the Theologian

How to Get There

A massive structure in the center of the Patmos capital of Chora, the Monastery is easy to see but harder to reach. If you take a bus to Chora, you will find a kiosk near the bus station, and to the left of the kiosk, a steep, paved road. You can take the bus into Chora, but it should be noted no driving is allowed in Chora itself. On the way uphill, you’ll pass places to eat and gift shops, some Christian, some not. When you reach the Artemis gift shop, you’ll see a set of stairs leading to the Monastery. Pat yourself on the back for making it all the way up the hill. Anyone entering the Monastery, male or female, should have their shoulders and knees covered.

The chapel of St. Christodoulos

What to See In the Monastery

The eastern and northern sides of the Monastery are the oldest and can be distinguished by their irregular construction, as if they were hastily thrown together. It’s an interesting sight for those most interested in the history of the place. The courtyard is beautifully tranquil for quiet reflection. The main chapel holds famous religious relics such as the skull of St. Thomas and pieces of the Holy Cross. Next to the main chapel is the chapel of the Virgin Mary, where you can find paintings displayed all over the walls, many dating back to the 12th century. You can also find the museum near the bakery, which has an entry fee of 6 euros.

Once you’re finished at the Monastery, you can walk down the Old Path to reach the Cave of the Apocalypse.

One of the rooms available at Chris Hotel

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, Patmos has several hotels to choose from. However, Chris Hotel provides a commitment to quality service that’s difficult to find anywhere else. It’s located in Skala, the main port of Patmos, close to the bus, shops, and grocery stores. It has beautiful room views of the sea, the mountains, or their own courtyard. The staff are all very knowledgeable, so feel free to ask them any questions you might have about visiting the Monastery of St. John.

Patmos Nightlife Guide

Nightlife’s definition in each of the Greek Islands does vary. Mykonos is the most popular island if you are looking for the best nightlife experience with unlimited partying with locals and foreigners alike. Yet, it could be the most expensive trip of your life given that it is a touristy region. Other islands such Kos, Corfu, and Athens will let you jive with the great quality of music, coffee shops, taverns, and bars. If you really want to experience te ultimate party vibe in a Greek Island without spending too much, nightlife in Patmos in Greece is one of the cheapest you got where everything seems to price drop including food, souvenir items, Patmos accommodation, and the most unforgettable party moment of your life!

Now here are some of the fun yet cheap nightlife locations you should visit while in Patmos Island in Greece!

The Nightlife in Patmos
Patmos, being a laid back and chill place to hang out, is one of the most preferred places in the Cyclades to celebrate a party. Though, the ambiance in Patmos is more relaxing than vivid, it keeps a variety of restaurants, bars, and ouzeries that welcomes the travelers in the island.

Dancing is one of the favorite activities we enjoy in a certain party! And Astivi bar or also known as Kafe 1673 up in the center of Chora is one party place you shouldn’t miss! It’s where you can jive and glide with local and international music the DJ spins. You can also find some lively restaurants in Chora where you can enjoy a glass of local wine over a talk with your friends; while listening to traditional Greek music or witnessing a live traditional dance at the restaurant.


Astivi Bar in Chora

Next we have Consolato Music Club perfectly carved into the wharf structures in Skala Town. If you are anywhere near Skala center, you’ll find most of the bars and restaurants that cater tourists who want to have such good time. If you are staying in a Patmos hotel in Skala bay, you will have other choices such Kahlua Club and Sui Generis.

Another fun party you shouldn’t miss out when in Patmos is the Festival of Religious Music on the month of September where you can experience listening to the sound of music from Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Balkans.

Patmos Accommodation: Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece
Bar hopping in Skala town? Yes, it is possible and fun! So you should reserve or book an accommodation in town where most of the hotels, bars, and restaurants are located! One of the hotels that sit in front of the Skala bay is the Chris Hotel in Patmos. Here’s an honest review of what you’ll have if you pick Chris Hotel as your accommodation while in Patmos: spacious rooms, helpful staffs, clean and useful facilities for travelers, and an affordable price over the rooms they offer!


Chris Hotel in Patmos- Skala Bay

Make your idea of a unique island party in Patmos do come true by choosing the Chris Hotel as your temporary yet comfy home while you’re away from home.


A spacious room for your avail at Chris Hotel

Best Hiking Spots in Patmos Greece

If ever you are traveling to Patmos Island anytime soon, consider hiking as one of the activities in your itinerary! Patmos offers an array of hiking paths for beginners as well as for the avid fans of trekking. The mountainous terrains and scenery will keep your mind off the current issues you may be fighting for. Instead, make your way to Patmos in Greece to fire up the wanderlust in you. You’ll never know what’s waiting for you at the end of each trail in Patmos: remote beach, local taverna, hidden cave, secured chapel or maybe one of the Patmos hotels?! That’s why we have written down a few hints of the hiking paths on the island. You might want to get a pen and paper and list down the best trails in Patmos that is also known as ‘Paths of Culture’.

1. Aporthianos to Chora Route:
The Aporthianos trail is marked as an easy and quick path only lasting for approximately 30 minutes. You will start at the top of the hills in Chora going to Skala town where you will pass by the famous 16th-century windmills. These iconic windmills have been perfectly restored by the management. You can also enjoy the view of Agios Vlassis church and the stone quarry as you go along the tour.


Windmills in Aporthianos.

2. Skala to Chora Route:
The next trail starts at the main town in Skala’s center up to the old Chora where you will find the Cave of Apocalypse which is very popular among pilgrims in relating to St. John the Theologian. Other sites that might interest you is the Patmiada School (1713) that has been one of the earliest seminary institutions in the island. The Skala to Chora route is also marked as an easy trail given that you can finish the hike within 30 minutes of walking!

1920view of Monastery of stJohn in Patmos island

The Cave of Apocalypse is enclosed within the Monastery of St. John.

3. Skala to Kasteli Route:
If you naturally love archeology, Patmos will surprise you with Kasteli itself! The remains of the Kasteli proper is said to be dated back to the 3rd century B.C.! This two-hour hike will give you a sight of the historical ruins in Kasteli; Hellenistic wall, Roman fortresses, and the sign of the historical Temple of Apollo.


Kasteli ruins.

4. Stavros to Psili Amos Route:
Now that you’re all warmed up with all of our easy trails, why not level up and go for some advanced hiking? The Stavros to Psili Amos trail offers you a great time to be reconnected with nature. From green lushes to forests to high rocky cliffs where you can jump down to the chilly waters of Psili Amos beach! If you’ll be asking us for the difficulty level of this trail, we’ll rate it with 3/5. This hike per se will last for about 3 and a half hours and you’d be able to walk through 6 kilometers. Along the way, you’ll see some salt-pits, Stavros and Psili Amos villages, and the stunning beach of Psili Amos where you can calmly take a quick dip!


What’s waiting for you in Psili Amos? This is it!

These are the main hiking trails from the ‘Paths of Culture’ and we hope to see these pathways in your itinerary when in Patmos. Another travel tip we want you to take advantage of is the access to a relatively affordable Patmos accommodation! And you’ll surely be surprised of where you can find this exceptional Patmos hotel. Well, it is surprisingly located in Skala town right in front of the Skala bay- the pristine hotel is no other than the lovely Chris Hotel in Patmos!


The comfortable rooms at Chris Hotel is welcoming you for a relaxing stay!

Your stay at the Chris Hotel will be one of the most memorable vacation experience you can ever treasure! Get yourself pampered in a homey accommodation with friendly staffs whom are very hospitable and treat guests as if they are part of the family. You will only be offered reasonable prices for your room where you can live off a life like a king and a queen does.


Chris Hotel in Patmos in front of the busy Skala bay.


If ever Patmos isn’t included in your list of places to visit in Greece yet, you might want to edit your list and add Patmos Island in it for a thrilling, exciting, chilling, and enjoyable hiking experience!

Patmos Island: Gastronomy and Patmos Hotel

Is Patmos included in your travel bucket list? If I were you, even if you don’t know much or you haven’t heard of the island yet, it would be good if you will add this up to your places to visit around the globe! Patmos is known as the ‘Jerusalem of the Aegean’, inviting thousands of pilgrims every year. But today, we will be focusing more on how Patmos recreates and present their very own lavish Greek cuisine in the island! When in the island of Patmos, you will love the healthy dishes cooked in a traditional way from tavernas. We don’t know where you headed yet, but we are telling you now that if you miss these traditional dishes to try in Patmos, you already miss the half of your life. No exaggeration at all.

We picked the best Greek meals to dig in when in Patmos Greece. From mouthwatering appetizers and desserts to the main course of a meal, Patmos serves you the delectable cuisines you’ve never tasted in your life before.

1. Patmiotiki
Patmos has their very own cheese pie. If you loved the apple pie you have back home, you’ll definitely enjoy munching on this cheese pie. Basically, they tossed together different kinds of local cheeses in the middle of a fluffy crust. And boom! We got Patmiotiki uniquely from Patmos, Greece.


Patmiotiki is the unique cheese pie from Patmos Island in Greece.

2. Pouggia
A favorite Patmos dessert is called “pouggia”. This ‘all-natural’ sweet dessert is made of unleavened dough filled with walnuts and almonds inside. The sweetness overload doesn’t stop there, local bakers also sprinkle sugar on top of the pastry to serve as the ‘cherry on top’.


Grab a quick “Pouggia” snack in the old town’s bakeries!

3. Kalamária
Who wants a humongous platter of deliciously stuffed squid? There’re a lot of ways to cook a squid in Greece. Some prefer having it deep fried while others want it grilled. Seafood lovers will surely rate this meal 5/5! The fillings inside of the squid varies, you may see one with breading/bread crumbs stuffed inside, others would have parsley or other leafy veggies inside. One thing is for sure, this giant squid will not be set to the grill unless it has been bathed with a lux amount of local olive oil! Yum!


Grilled Feta Stuffed Squid.

You can also taste a variety of unique wine flavors when in Patmos. Haven’t we mentioned that Patmos Island is a go-to site for wine enthusiasts? If you’re one of them, you should set foot on the island then you’ll know what we are talking about!

If you will be asking us where you can enjoy the best meals in Patmos, here are some of the restaurants and taverns in the island!

  • Ginger (Skala)
  • Tsivaeri
  • Vaghia Cafe (Vaghia)
  • Ktima Petra (Grikos)
  • Trehantiri Taverna (Skala)

Where else can I enjoy a delightful meal when in Patmos?


If you want to make the most of your gastronomy experience in Patmos, dine in at the Chris Hotel!

If you have tried a lot of taverna selections and ouzo bars already, you can simply dine in any deluxe Patmos hotel in the island. Chris Hotel in Patmos offers you a gratifying set of Greek cuisine! The Chris Hotel is located in front of the breathtaking view of the Skala bay where you can enjoy a warm breakfast served by the hotel. In case you want to prepare your own food, there’s a kitchen you can work at in your own hotel room! See, you can make your own Greek salad without needing to pay a touristy price. Christ Hotel is like no other Patmos accommodation in the island!

Patmos: Holy Adventure and Hotel Tips

Whether you’re setting your first honeymoon or just getting away from someone, leave. Now where would you want to go? If you’re looking for a romantic place to visit then Greece can give you shelter. For weeks and even beyond! Patmos Island is one of the iconic members of the Cyclades group. Patmos stands as the ‘Holy Island’ in Greece for attracting thousands of pilgrims yearly. It’s because St. John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelations in the island of Patmos! Aside from the monastery designated to the legend, little chapels are everywhere too. Due to a high demand of tourism in Patmos, the residents decided to develop the island. Of course, without ruining the solemnity of the place. They figured out establishing traditional Patmos hotels, local taverns, jewelry shops, restaurants, and institutions.

Do you want to find out more information about the Patmos Island? We will be giving you the holy places to visit in Patmos for your spiritual excursion. And here they are…

Monastery of St. John

The first holy place you should visit when in Patmos is the Monastery of St. John. You can find the UNESCO Heritage Site of St. John Monastery on top of the hill at Chora. Inside the monastery is a collection of significant frescoes since the 12th century AD. As you approach the chapels, refectory, cisterns, and cells, you would imagine the life of the monks back then. The Monastery of St. John has the manuscripts and relics from the Byzantine era. This makes Patmos the best pilgrim site in the East.

The sacred exhibit inside the Chapel of St. Christodoulos in the Monastery of St. John.

The sacred exhibit inside the Chapel of St. Christodoulos in the Monastery of St. John.

Cave of Apocalypse

If you’re staying at any Patmos hotel, it’s easy to hop on a bus and take a quick road trip to Chora. From the drop off point, you can walk down to the cave. The Cave of Apocalypse is the most sacred site in Patmos. It is where St. John wrote the Book of Revelation with the help of Prohorus, his great friend. The historians and officials marked important spots inside of the cave. While wandering inside, you can notice the spots  where St. John rested his head and wrote the Book of Revelation. You’ll learn a lot about the cave and history of why Patmos became one of the religious sites in Greece by just visiting the cave. For there will be a guide to show you around the area- monks.

Explore the inside of the Cave of Apocalypse with a monk!

Explore the inside of the Cave of Apocalypse with a monk!

Chapel of Profitis Ilias

If you’re up for an extra steep of a challenge, climb up to the highest peak of Patmos in Profitis Ilias where you can find a small chapel. Aside from being a quiet place to clear your mind off, it catches the most beautiful sunset in Patmos. The priest of Siri, Neophystos built this wonderful chapel in 1764. Today, it is the favorite spot for sunset watching!

The Profitis Ilias Church promises the best sunset watching spot in Patmos.

The Profitis Ilias Church promises the best sunset watching spot in Patmos.

Where to Stay?

No need to search for the ideal place to stay while drooling for your spiritual excursion! The Chris Hotel in Patmos is one of the best hotels in the island. The hotel lies in the heart of Skala village where you can access nearby sights! It offers a relaxing ambiance to its visitors. Looking for a bar nearby for a quick booze? Look no more, wanderer. The Chris Hotel offers food and drinks at their Cafe Bar. It definitely has the best of both worlds for you.

Enjoy the rest of the day eating hearty meals at the Chris Hotel Cafe Bar!

Enjoy the rest of the day eating hearty meals at the Chris Hotel Cafe Bar!

What are you waiting for? The family of Chris Hotel’s can’t wait to see you in Patmos! Better book your flight and lodgings at Chris Hotel to experience the spiritual adventure only in the Jerusalem of Greece, in Patmos.