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Best Hiking Spots in Patmos Greece

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If ever you are traveling to Patmos Island anytime soon, consider hiking as one of the activities in your itinerary! Patmos offers an array of hiking paths for beginners as well as for the avid fans of trekking. The mountainous terrains and scenery will keep your mind off the current issues you may be fighting for. Instead, make your way to Patmos in Greece to fire up the wanderlust in you. You’ll never know what’s waiting for you at the end of each trail in Patmos: remote beach, local taverna, hidden cave, secured chapel or maybe one of the Patmos hotels?! That’s why we have written down a few hints of the hiking paths on the island. You might want to get a pen and paper and list down the best trails in Patmos that is also known as ‘Paths of Culture’.

1. Aporthianos to Chora Route:
The Aporthianos trail is marked as an easy and quick path only lasting for approximately 30 minutes. You will start at the top of the hills in Chora going to Skala town where you will pass by the famous 16th-century windmills. These iconic windmills have been perfectly restored by the management. You can also enjoy the view of Agios Vlassis church and the stone quarry as you go along the tour.


Windmills in Aporthianos.

2. Skala to Chora Route:
The next trail starts at the main town in Skala’s center up to the old Chora where you will find the Cave of Apocalypse which is very popular among pilgrims in relating to St. John the Theologian. Other sites that might interest you is the Patmiada School (1713) that has been one of the earliest seminary institutions in the island. The Skala to Chora route is also marked as an easy trail given that you can finish the hike within 30 minutes of walking!

1920view of Monastery of stJohn in Patmos island

The Cave of Apocalypse is enclosed within the Monastery of St. John.

3. Skala to Kasteli Route:
If you naturally love archeology, Patmos will surprise you with Kasteli itself! The remains of the Kasteli proper is said to be dated back to the 3rd century B.C.! This two-hour hike will give you a sight of the historical ruins in Kasteli; Hellenistic wall, Roman fortresses, and the sign of the historical Temple of Apollo.


Kasteli ruins.

4. Stavros to Psili Amos Route:
Now that you’re all warmed up with all of our easy trails, why not level up and go for some advanced hiking? The Stavros to Psili Amos trail offers you a great time to be reconnected with nature. From green lushes to forests to high rocky cliffs where you can jump down to the chilly waters of Psili Amos beach! If you’ll be asking us for the difficulty level of this trail, we’ll rate it with 3/5. This hike per se will last for about 3 and a half hours and you’d be able to walk through 6 kilometers. Along the way, you’ll see some salt-pits, Stavros and Psili Amos villages, and the stunning beach of Psili Amos where you can calmly take a quick dip!


What’s waiting for you in Psili Amos? This is it!

These are the main hiking trails from the ‘Paths of Culture’ and we hope to see these pathways in your itinerary when in Patmos. Another travel tip we want you to take advantage of is the access to a relatively affordable Patmos accommodation! And you’ll surely be surprised of where you can find this exceptional Patmos hotel. Well, it is surprisingly located in Skala town right in front of the Skala bay- the pristine hotel is no other than the lovely Chris Hotel in Patmos!


The comfortable rooms at Chris Hotel is welcoming you for a relaxing stay!

Your stay at the Chris Hotel will be one of the most memorable vacation experience you can ever treasure! Get yourself pampered in a homey accommodation with friendly staffs whom are very hospitable and treat guests as if they are part of the family. You will only be offered reasonable prices for your room where you can live off a life like a king and a queen does.


Chris Hotel in Patmos in front of the busy Skala bay.


If ever Patmos isn’t included in your list of places to visit in Greece yet, you might want to edit your list and add Patmos Island in it for a thrilling, exciting, chilling, and enjoyable hiking experience!


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