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Patmos Nightlife Guide

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Nightlife’s definition in each of the Greek Islands does vary. Mykonos is the most popular island if you are looking for the best nightlife experience with unlimited partying with locals and foreigners alike. Yet, it could be the most expensive trip of your life given that it is a touristy region. Other islands such Kos, Corfu, and Athens will let you jive with the great quality of music, coffee shops, taverns, and bars. If you really want to experience te ultimate party vibe in a Greek Island without spending too much, nightlife in Patmos in Greece is one of the cheapest you got where everything seems to price drop including food, souvenir items, Patmos accommodation, and the most unforgettable party moment of your life!

Now here are some of the fun yet cheap nightlife locations you should visit while in Patmos Island in Greece!

The Nightlife in Patmos
Patmos, being a laid back and chill place to hang out, is one of the most preferred places in the Cyclades to celebrate a party. Though, the ambiance in Patmos is more relaxing than vivid, it keeps a variety of restaurants, bars, and ouzeries that welcomes the travelers in the island.

Dancing is one of the favorite activities we enjoy in a certain party! And Astivi bar or also known as Kafe 1673 up in the center of Chora is one party place you shouldn’t miss! It’s where you can jive and glide with local and international music the DJ spins. You can also find some lively restaurants in Chora where you can enjoy a glass of local wine over a talk with your friends; while listening to traditional Greek music or witnessing a live traditional dance at the restaurant.


Astivi Bar in Chora

Next we have Consolato Music Club perfectly carved into the wharf structures in Skala Town. If you are anywhere near Skala center, you’ll find most of the bars and restaurants that cater tourists who want to have such good time. If you are staying in a Patmos hotel in Skala bay, you will have other choices such Kahlua Club and Sui Generis.

Another fun party you shouldn’t miss out when in Patmos is the Festival of Religious Music on the month of September where you can experience listening to the sound of music from Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Balkans.

Patmos Accommodation: Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece
Bar hopping in Skala town? Yes, it is possible and fun! So you should reserve or book an accommodation in town where most of the hotels, bars, and restaurants are located! One of the hotels that sit in front of the Skala bay is the Chris Hotel in Patmos. Here’s an honest review of what you’ll have if you pick Chris Hotel as your accommodation while in Patmos: spacious rooms, helpful staffs, clean and useful facilities for travelers, and an affordable price over the rooms they offer!


Chris Hotel in Patmos- Skala Bay

Make your idea of a unique island party in Patmos do come true by choosing the Chris Hotel as your temporary yet comfy home while you’re away from home.


A spacious room for your avail at Chris Hotel


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